MATSUNAGA aims to be a general manufacturer
of medical & welfare equipment, and produces various products.

MATSUNAGA helps people with physical disabilities live comfortably and securely,
we specialize in wheelchairs. However, our challenge is not over. Every effort is undertaken to develop
new cutting-edge products and services towards our aim to be a general manufacturer of
quality medical & welfare equipment.


MATSUNAGA has the trust of customers as Japan’s largest manufacturer of wheelchairs. We produce various types of wheelchairs including compact wheelchairs, tilt / recline wheelchairs, sports / active wheelchairs and paediatric wheelchairs.

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We recommend a walker to people undergoing rehabilitation walking. We produce various types of walkers including walkers which can be folded up and U-shaped walkers.

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This stick is convenient for movement around a room, and also when you go out. We produce various types of sticks including crutches. Also available are sticks with height adjustment and sticks which can be folded up

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Emergency rescue stretchers are necessary for hospitals, public accommodations and schools. We provide our customers with high quality stretchers, based on technology developed from our manufacture of wheelchairs.

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Bath safety

Bathroom safety should be a priority for seniors. Adding products to aid them is important. Installing grab bars in your bath tub, and using a Bath & shower chair will increase bathroom safety.

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