About us

MATSUNAGA holds the largest market share of wheelchairs in Japan.

MATSUNAGA was founded as a wheelchair manufacturer in 1974 and has continued to hold the largest market share of premium quality wheelchairs in Japan. We are currently engaged in zero-based manufacturing for a wide variety of supplies used in nursing and social services as well as for stretchers used in medical care.

Our enthusiasm for “making products,” which has been passed on since our founding, represents the pillars that support our business activities. By using our strength as a manufacturer, we continue to strive to make products that are useful and helpful, for people who become ill or injured, for people with disabilities and for the elderly that require support or assisted living.

Premium quality with a high level of safety that is only possible because of our total production system.

MATSUNAGA” wheelchairs are manufactured in our factories in Japan and Shanghai. Our total production system starts from the planning stage and includes the design, manufacturing, quality control and shipping of our products. In addition, many of our staff members are involved in the manual work and are committed to ensure the product is delivered safely to the user.

Our goal is not just to provide a wheelchair that functions but offer a product that acts as a close partner for the user. We hope that in time after using it, our customers become fond of it like a loving family member. This is what continues to drive us in our work every day.

Wheelchairs “Made by MATSUNAGA” are also available overseas.

We live in an age in which the market now stretches across borders. Supplying wheelchairs in the social services and medical care industries is also no exception. To adapt more to this type of market, MATSUNAGA established a local subsidiary in Thailand in 2014 and began selling wheelchairs. Even though the basic design of our products is the same, the “user friendliness” and “comfort” are different for each user depending on country’s or region’s living conditions and the user’s lifestyle. Going forward, we shall continue to build a global network and focus on developing and manufacturing products that are suitable for the local area.

Wheelchairs “Made by MATSUNAGA” are also available overseas.

MATSUNAGA also holds the largest market share of stretchers in Japan.

Using the manufacturing technology, experience and expertise developed over many years, MATSUNAGA began manufacturing stretchers for medical care in 2004. We currently have approximately 50% of the market share in Japan.